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Early Fall classes start September 16th...

When doing Yoga with Cathie there is a blend of exploring poses and mindfulness. You will experience better balance, deep core strength and flexibility in both body and mind...keys to healthy living.

small classes with personal attention


"Studying yoga with Cathie has been a life changing experience for me. There has been the anticipated and very much appreciated impact of increased physical strength, balance and flexibility, but there has also been the unexpected impact of experiencing more of those same qualities in my emotional, intellectual and spiritual life. Cathie facilitates these changes in a gentle, but challenging, persistent, but compassionate manner that is respectful and attentive to individual differences." Nancy

I am enjoying it so much , don’t want to stop ...... I might seize up. ​I know as I age .... the benefits of yoga will keep me young.  Barb

Joining Cathie's yoga class has been the best thing I have done for ME in a very long time.  It has become a priority of my week.  The space where we practise yoga is calm and peaceful and that is the sense I feel upon entering it.  Cathie is an informative, patient and caring individual and teacher. It is evident that she is knowledgeable about the practise of yoga and is constantly adding to her knowledge by reading and attending workshops.  She is able to individualize many of the physical practises of yoga based on the challenges many of the students have.  She  has also opened up our minds to the fact that yoga is more than just doing poses. Namaste Cathie. Susan

I love the way yoga brings balance to me emotionally and physically.  It helps me to be patient and calm.  Cathie teaches with a sense of ease and compassion but also encourages in a non competitive fashion.  Yoga with Cathie is a wonderful way to complete my day.   ​Angela ​