Yoga with Cathie  In Sydenham


​ Class Schedule & Rates

Early Fall session...

Sept 16th for 7 weeks until Oct 31st …$98 ($14/class)
Monday classes will be 6 weeks ...............$84
 (due to Thanksgiving on Monday Oct 14th)

​​​(details below)


• Rates are for 1 class per week.

• ​Missed classes can be made up in another time slot.

• START ANY TIME; fees will be adjusted.


• Contact Cathie to reserve a spot or purchase a Gift Certificate. ​

​GENTLE level is for people:

• just beginning yoga
• wanting to gently improve balance, flexibility and strength 
• with restricted range of motion due to injury or physical difficulty

The class is NOT fast paced, but you will develop deeper strength and flexibility. The poses and challenge level can be modified to suit your individual needs. Yogic tools for relaxation and mindfulness will help you to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

MODERATE level is for people:
• with some yoga experience   

• who are new to yoga but are active and have some body awareness

This class builds on the basics with emphasis on mindfully feeling yourself into the poses in a way that is right for you. Activating your deeper core strength in the poses is encouraged, along with finding stability and ease. Standing poses are more challenging but options are offered to meet your individual needs. You will learn more about the deeper aspects of yoga.

is for anyone who wants to do yoga. The challenge level can be easily adapted for your individual needs.



​First-time participants can arrange time prior to starting for an introduction to Yoga with Cathie.

small classes with personal attention